Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) Interview Questions

Before embarking on which questions you will be facing lets see what are the different rounds of interview it has: -
Out of all these the crucial one will be technical capabilities test and the HR interview. Many candidates clear almost all the rounds and fail in HR interview test.
Basically all these parts of the test can be solved to an extent.
For written test it is always best to prepare from Barrons word list.
Technical Interview let me clear you about the general steps you need to take to take they are: -
Some of the questions are listed in the C and C++ section of this website: -
These questions require basic knowledge and you can answer them if you have a basic knowledge. Do not forget these are not the only questions there will be questions on your project also.
Here are some questions for TCS job: -
HR round here you will be tested on your technical skills, management skills, personality, communication, behavior, spontaneity, etc.